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In the fall of 2015, CHEC launched DC Public School’s first cloud-based Personalized Learning Platform (PLP) across all 8th grade classes, as part of a multifaceted effort to increase student engagement by empowering students to “take control” and design learning experiences that are meaningful to them. The initiative put laptops in the hands of 150 students who are now responsible for prioritizing the learning path that they wish to pursue during a structured personalized learning time.

The PLP curriculum is designed to assess every student’s unique, personal strengths as well as determine areas for growth in order to tailor instruction to address specific needs. This newly redesigned model dramatically changes the structure and flow of the school day and allows master teachers to spend increased one-on-one time with students, while associate teachers are used to help students build proficiency across all subject areas.

This data-driven approach will help CHEC maintain its 85% college attendance rate, while continuing to improve student proficiency. CHEC also integrates an international perspective to its curricula through emphasis on global citizenship. Students engage with a variety of cultures through language immersion courses, internships, and study abroad programs.
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