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Beyond the compreshensive and rigorous academic offerings at CHEC, students may also take advantage of the opportunity to extend the impact of their education at CHEC through participation in one or more of our specialty programs:

AP gives students the chance to tackle college-level work while they're still in high school—whether they're learning online or in the classroom. And through taking AP Exams, students can earn college credit and placement.  

CHEC offers twenty AP courses:

Biology / Calculus AB / Chemistry / Computer Science / Computer Science Principles / English Language / English Literature / French Language / Italian Language / Human Geography / Music Theory / Physics / Psychology / Spanish Language / Spanish Literature / Statistics / Studio Art: 2-D Design / Studio Art: 3-D Design / US Government / Politics / US History

Our Academy of Hospitality and Tourism (AOHT) prepares Bell students to excel in college and compete in the global workforce. The field of hospitality and tourism is one of the world's largest industries and DC's fastest-growing one. CHEC's AOHT is a member of the National Academy Foundation (NAF) network, which is part of a national movement where scholars can learn, achieve, and advance as a professional along a chosen career path, i.e. hotel owner, travel agent, general manager, marketing director and event planner.  The AOHT will engage students by using Hospitality and Customer Service as a lens through which everyday problems are analyzed, approached and solved.  Students who join this academy benefit from many work-based learning experiences, paid internships, industry recognized certifications, and ollege credits.


Computer Science is the study of computers and computational systems. computer scientists deal mostly with software and software systems. Some of the principal areas of study within Computer Science include artificial intelligence, computer systems and networks, security, database systems, machine learning, vision and graphics, numerical analysis, programming languages, and software engineering.  The average salary for a computer scientist is 85k and opportunities in computer and information technology are projected to grow 13 percent from 2016 to 2026, faster than  all occupations.  If you are interested in creating Apps, games, or other programs then this the NAF Academy of IT is for you.

The Child Development Associate Class at CHEC prepares the student to attain National Credentials in one of the following four areas:

  • Infant/ Toddler Teacher (Children 0-3 years of age)
  • Preschool Teacher (3-5 years of age)
  • Home Visitor
  • Home Base Care Provider

The class is structured around:

Two semesters
Semester 1:  the students complete 120 hours of professional development training comprised into 6 competencies: child development, learning environments, curriculum, families, program management and professionalism.
Semester 2: students complete a professional portfolio not a presentation, (binder) Written professional statements, resume, work samples, professional reflections, and much more.

480 practicums hours in a childcare center

Demo class to be evaluated by a Professional Specialist

Online proctored final exam with the National Council for Professional Recognition.

The Cosmetology curriculum at CHEC is designed to provide competency-based knowledge, scientific/artistic principles and hands-on fundamentals associated with the cosmetology industry. Students can expect to learn about hair cutting, color, texture services, nail care, makeup application, business development, retail knowledge and the concept of gaining and retaining clients. There are many career opportunities within the cosmetology industry. Below are just a few career opportunities that CHEC can help make possible.

  • Salon stylist
  • Salon owner
  • Personal stylist
  • Makeup artist
  • Fashion show stylist
  • Film, theatre, television
  • Editorial/advertising stylist
  • Educator/platform artist
  • Artistic director
  • Cosmetic counter
  • Hair, makeup and skin specialty retailers
Our middle school dual immersion program enriches the education of our 6th-8th grade students by offering Spanish-language content courses in Science, History, and Spanish Language Arts. This unique experience allows students to be completely immersed in the target language. Introductory students receive an additional Spanish support class which covers the basics of Spanish and also serves as a bridge to the Spanish-language content subject area courses, with the goal of further developing reading, writing, listening and speaking skills in Spanish.

The 9th-12th grade high school program offers an exceptional opportunity to further our students’ passion for learning Spanish through The Dual Language Academy. High school students are able to join the program as a continuation of their immersion experience in the middle school. Students take Spanish-language versions of History, Science, Spanish Language Arts, AP Spanish Language and Culture, and AP Spanish Literature. Students who successfully complete all the courses and DCPS Seal of Biliteracy requirements, are candidates to receive the Seal of Biliteracy upon high school graduation.


Engineering is the branch of science and technology concerned with the design, building, and use of engines, machines, and structures. If you like to build, draw/sketch, or design things then the engineering academy is for you. The NAF Academy of Engineering curriculum explores principles of engineering, provides content, and work base learning opportunities in the fields of electronic, biotech, aerospace, and civil engineering. The average wage for an engineer is 90k across all levels of education and by the year 2026 there will be 140,000 new jobs that may go unfilled.
CHEC’s NJROTC program is designed to introduce students to the value of citizenship, leadership, service to community, personal responsibility, and scholarship in attaining life goals; to promote an awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle, including physical fitness, proper diet, and controlling stress; drug awareness; provide the principles of health and first aid.  These elements are pursued at the fundamental level.

The NJROTC program mission is to instill in cadets the values of citizenship, leadership, service to the United States, personal responsibility and a sense of accomplishment, while instilling self-esteem, teamwork, and self-discipline.
Dual language is a form of bilingual education in which students are taught literacy and content in two languages. Dual language programs foster bilingualism, biliteracy, enhanced awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity, and high levels of academic achievement through instruction in two languages.
CHEC Arts aims to enrich and enhance the lives of our students through the visual and performing arts.  We hold the highest standards for our students and help students build skills and techniques that will allow them to create based on their artistic and musical visions of their worlds.  We are committed to offering a comprehensive arts curriculum that opens vantage points for students to draw attention to the unspoken and difficult to express.  CHEC Arts educators and students have the desire to illuminate and uncover issues of injustice within our community, our city, our nation, and our world and allow the arts to serve as commentary on students’ lived realities.  We share stories that have traditionally been marginalized and too often left out of mainstream dialogue so that our students will find ways to use their ingenuity, creativity, and imagination to reconceptualize and improve their worlds.   

CHEC Arts has two main components which are our Visual Arts and our Performing Arts teams.  Courses offered in the visual arts are Art 6 - 8,  Painting and Drawing, Ceramics, Imaging (Photography), and Advanced Placement 2D Art and Design.  Courses offered in the performing arts are Dance 6-12, General Music 6 - 12, Bach to Rap (Composition), Concert Band 6 - 12, Jazz Band 9 -12, Piano I & II, and AP Music Theory.  Students who are engaged in a course of study will receive Arts distinction upon graduation.

Our Visual Arts Team consists of Desepe DeVargas, Janathel Shaw, and Mandy McCulloch.  Our Performing Arts Team consists of Anna Menendez, Ivan Navas, David Onley, Justin Jacobs, and Amylia Barnett.
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