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For CHEC Parents there are many opportunities for involvement in school life.   All students will benefit from your participation.  Parents are invited to volunteer to participate in these organizations and activities….

  • CHEC Parent Teacher Student Organization (PTSO) (Contact Victor Molina at 202-939-7700 ext. 5023)

  • CHEC Student Portfolio Assessments – Parents are invited to sit on panels that assess student  portfolios (Contact Mila Elmore at 202-939-7700 ext. 5017)

  • The Local School Restructuring Team (LSRT) that works to develop the CHEC management plan that leads  to improvement of the school (Contact Victor Molina at 202-939-7700 ext. 5023)

  • Periodic meetings with the CHEC Parent Coordinators Victor Molina and Lucy Lemus to discuss parenting  and school life (Contact Victor Molina at 202-939-7700 ext. 5023 and Lucy Lemus at ext. 4009)

  • The organization and presentation of the CHEC Annual International Dinner that takes place in early  December (Contact Victor Molina at 202-939-7700 ext. 5023)

  • The organization of CHEC Parent Teacher conferences.  During PT Conference Days over 800 families visit CHEC

  • Assistance with registering students at CHEC each August

  • Assistance with Annual Scholarship Gala in June

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