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Our programs and services are  designed to create experiences that empower students to serve as catalysts for social impact. We do this by removing barriers and serving students directly where they are on their life journey.


Another MCIP cornerstone is the daily provision of comprehensive out-of-school time programs that serve the entire population of 1,400 CHEC students.  To help them reach their full potential, MCIP provides individualized and small group tutoring sessions, self-paced computer-based instruction, writing labs, and a homework center.  After each school day and throughout the summer, MCIP provides OST classroom instruction in math, ESL, literacy, and SAT and AP prep as well as enrichment activities in 2D and 3D arts, music, dance, and theater.

To support teen parents as they work toward high school graduation and college admission and to provide all students with access to quality, uninterrupted education, MCIP created the Teen Parent and Child Development Center. It’s NAEYC accredited and run by Board-certified early childhood educators who engage the children in age-based cognitively stimulating activities. Educators encourage the children in their native language communication to foster a link between home and school. Both teen mothers and fathers receive case management services, parenting classes, life-skills workshops, and tutoring services. Without this service, many students might be missing out on their education. Instead, they’re mastering it—for themselves and their young families.

MCIP brings the donor base to the table with the Annual Gala, where the giving community has direct impact in raising last-dollar scholarships for CHEC seniors. The MCIP board of directors and school administration hosts this memorable event, helping to lay the groundwork for many bright futures.

MCIP’s year-round social awareness and development program prevents negative behavior by providing at-risk students with before, during, and after-school leadership and team-building activities, family-strengthening strategies, outreach support, academic and career mentoring, street law education, male  responsibility instruction, conflict resolution education, and substance abuse prevention. There’s no admonishment—just advancement.

The CHEC Garden is an inspirational, student-driven, 0.25 acre green space located along the Irving Street side of the Campus.  In the Garden, students, parents, teachers, community members and partners in education all participate in seasonal planting and crop cultivation.  During spring, summer, and fall, the Garden is absolutely brimming with color.  It is a place where students learn about the gardening year, plant types, suitable soil and organic matter, seeding and plant growth, composting, garden tools, local wildlife, weather, water conservation and plant sustainability, farm to table, healthy eating, and more.  They learn about the effects of sunlight and shade, wind and shelter, moisture, temperature, and cycles of life – reaching into connectivity with their academic life.   The CHEC Garden is a celebration of the things we all share in the natural world around us.
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