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Parents are important members of the CHEC School community, and CHEC communicates and shares information in a variety of ways so  that parents can participate in their child’s educational development and have a clear understanding of the School’s mission, core values, programs, and policies. Events like Back to School Night and Parent Workshops help families to get  to know the School better as their children join us. Regularly scheduled events like Parent Teacher Conference Days also give parents additional opportunities to learn about the School and the specifics of what their child is learning and experiencing  daily.  Homeroom teachers, administrators and counselors in the Middle and Upper schools meet with parents to discuss their child’s progress and school experience during scheduled conferences.   Further, the Principal sponsors a series of roundtable  discussions for parents to discuss topics of importance of interest relating to child development.

AT CHEC, parent education also includes parent workshops highlighting the developmental milestones of children in each grade. Workshops and parent seminars include topics on adolescent development, health education, teen issues, and anti-smoking, alcohol  and drug education.

Outside of formally scheduled activities, parents have many opportunities to volunteer at CHEC, helping with activities like field trips, the annual book sale, proctoring during exams, etc. Parents are also very involved with School extracurricular  programs, including athletics and performing arts. The CHEC PTSO provides many other parent volunteer opportunities, and parents also participate as volunteers in the Athletics and After School Program Departments.

In addition to the 'in-person' events and activities, CHEC provides a variety of other ways for parents to stay informed and involved, including this website, the CHEC Parent Handbook and the quarterly parent e-newsletter.

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