Empowering Males of Color - Columbia Heights Educational Campus

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  • Literacy
  • Trauma-Informed Support
  • Professional Development
  • Rites of Passage
  • Mentorship
  • Family Engagement

  • Start Date:  Fall of 2016
  • Grades Served: 7-12
  • Major Partners: DC Public Schools, DC Public Education Fund, COSEBOC, The Wendt Center, Speaklight Foundation
  • Students at start: 40
  • Students at capacity: 50


  • Success through physical, mental, spiritual, financial, creative, and sociocultural development

Citywide, a significant number of African American and Latino males persistently lag behind their peers on a variety of academic and social indicators associated with academic achievement. Using 2014 DC CAS data, only 32% of African American males are advanced or proficient in reading and 43% for Latino males, with similar results in mathematics (Black males : 37% and Latino males: 55%). Likewise, recent data from student satisfaction surveys indicates that both groups of students are less satisfied with school while also having lower graduation rates than their peers. The numbers at CHEC are very similar to the District’s data for Males of Color. The EMOC initiative is a collaborative effort between schools and community partners to design and implement effective strategies to enhance the student experience, increase achievement, and prepare our males of color for college, careers, and life beyond DCPS.

We are looking to address the unique challenges of a group of forty to fifty African American and Latino male students who account for three out of every four school infractions. The group we will target has issues of attendance and tardiness, has low literacy skills and unaddressed social and emotional needs that require more resources than the school budget currently provides. These students are in every grade at CHEC and stand to benefit significantly from a targeted program that personalizes their learning experiences, and creates a successful pathway to academic success and strong preparation for college, careers and positive life outcomes. While all students will benefit from the EMOC grant, this targeted group will directly receive the majority of proposed services.

  • Aligned with Coalition of Schools Educating Boys of Color (COSEBOC) standards for culturally-informed teaching.
  • Participants have access to a schedule of events, including, workouts, tutoring, counseling, college prep, and cultural learning experiences.
  • CHEC faculty, men of the community, and committed volunteer mentors will share in the activities and development opportunities.
  • Participants receive distinguishing titles and memorabilia to signify the honor of being a CHEC Bellman.
  • Planned activities include guest speakers, field trips, and community service opportunities.
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