Dual Language Program - Columbia Heights Educational Campus

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Columbia Heights Education Campus is a dual immersion school supported by the Quality Schools Initiative Grant. This program is designed to enrich the education of native English speakers as well as native world language speakers. Students will take Spanish Language Arts and further develop their language skills while taking key content courses in Spanish (currently science and social studies).  The goal is for all students to become proficient in Spanish while developing cultural awareness in order to promote high levels of academic achievement. Students will be supported through active learning strategies in class, after school and summer support.  

The dual immersion program begins for all students in 6th grade and continues for all students through 8th grade. Students can then opt into our dual language program at the high school. Students will continue to develop their language skills in Spanish courses in language and literature, including advanced placement courses and also in key content courses. Students will have opportunities to continue to develop through our rigorous course work and through strategic partnerships with local universities in order to earn course credit in language and translation.

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